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bath salts tức là

A street name for designer drugs which resemble bath salts and can induce violent behavior, visions of paranoia, nudity (using bath salts can raise internal body toàn thân temperature), and EATING shit (research Matthew Hammond of Georgia).

Yep, that’s right, some loser named Matthew Hammond actually ATE his own shit after taking bath salts.

He probably deserved it for taking bath salts.

Do some research on Matthew Hammond of Georgia on bath salts if you think I’m joking. Really, do it.

Don’t forget about:

* Carla Murphy of Pennsylvania who allegedly took bath salts after giving birth and later attacked hospital staff.

* Robert William White of California who allegedly took bath salts and assaulted a woman and later claimed he was an alien who talked to Jesus.

* Brandon DeLeon of Miami who allegedly took bath salts and threatened to eat people and tried to bite a cop.

and many, many, more…

ExampleBath salts AKA Aura, Black Rob, Bliss, Blizzard, Bloom, Blue Silk, Cloud 9, Drone, Hurricane Charlie, Ivory Wave, Lovey Dovey, Lunar Wave, Maddie, MCAT, Meow Meow, Monkey Dust, MTV, Ocean Snow, Peeve, Purple Wave, PV, Red Dove, Scarface, Snow Leopard, Stardust, Super Coke, Vanilla Sky, White Lightning, and Zoom.

bath salts tức là

One of several ways to refer to a new, legal designer drug that anyone 18 or older can just walk into a smoke shop and buy.

It’s a drug with many chemical variants and so can not be make illegal easily. It’s affects have been compared to methampheymines, cocain/crack, ecstacy, and PCP.

Because it was only introduced around 2002, little is known about it’s properties or long-term affects.

Similar to K2, it is packaged as bath salts or incense blends under countless brand names such as…

Also refered to by its many brand names

ExampleBath salts

Blue Silk
Cloud Nine
Ivory Snow
Ivory Wave
Lunar Wave
Ocean Burst
Pure Ivory
Purple Wave
Snow Leopard
Vanilla Sky
White Dove
White Night

bath salts tức là

It has the active ingredient: Mephedrone aka (4-methylmethcathinone) (4-MMC, MCAT, Bubbles. Meow, Miaow) also known as Meow Meow: It is often sold as “plant food” or “bath salts” although, as it has no use as such products

– Not to be confused with methedrine, methedrone, methadone, or methylone.

Intended effects: (this will vary on the person and the purity of the Mephedrone – as well as if the user is using any other drugs at the time of usage, being recreational or prescription & especially alcohol!)

Users have reported that mephedrone causes euphoria, stimulation, an enhanced appreciation for music, an elevated mood, decreased hostility, improved mental function and mild sexual stimulation; these effects are similar to the effects of cocaine, amphetamines and MDMA.

These effects last different amounts of time, depending on the way the drug is taken. When taken orally, users report they can feel the effects within 15–45 minutes and when snorted the effects are felt within minutes.

ORAL/NASAL: last for between two and three hours when taken

IV (intravenously): last only half an hour if taken.

If taken in high doses it causes hallucinations & the effects can last for upto 5-6 days. All in all, It is very dangerous, & there are now many bath salts that are made up of a different active ingredient, MDPV (Methylenedioxypyrovalerone), which is much safer and has similar effects to the effects of cocaine, amphetamines as well.

ExampleI’ve got some high quality bath salt.

bath salts tức là

Recreational drug known for causing good times, euphoria and turning you into a zombie face eating monster

ExampleRon: Hey Eugene whatcha been up to?
Eugene: Nothing much, just snorting some bath salts. Grrrr Nom Nom Nom

bath salts tức là

1) A drug that may be linked to a zombie attack that occurred in Florida.

2) The most likely cause for an actual apocalypse in 2012.

Example1 – Did you hear about the guy in Florida who ate off another guy’s face? They say he was on bath salts.

2 – With all this news about the dangers of bath salts I am beginning to think the world will actually end in 2012.

bath salts tức là

When a basketball player plays such lockdown defense, that he might as well be eating the other player’s face.

ExampleYou can’t score on Andre Iguodala easily because he plays Bath Salt defense.

bath salts tức là

A drug sold as aroma therapy, sold in the united states, and while illegal in some states can be found in many others. The effects are similar to Meth, Crack, Cocaine, Ecstasy, Pcp, and is classified as a euphoric stimulant, however that is only with mephedrone, and snorting doses are between 15mg and 125mg while orally is between 200mg to 300mg. The simpler yet cheaper drug MDPV has similar effects but unlike mephedrone that has a 2 to 4 hour come down MDPV has a 2 to 48 hour comedown with withdrawal effects such as;

Suicidal tendencies

schizophrenia/ paranoia and extreme anxiety




the shits


People abuse the drug on three to four day binges usually ending up in the hospital getting there stomachs pumped, MDPV is the worst type of bath salts and although the side effects listed are for heavy usage the effects of the drug vary from person to person.

the third form of bathsalts is methylone which is a euphoric empathogen and literally makes life seem perfect no matter what is going on , also known as explosion and is the pure form of mephedrone, and unless your life is completely fucked then i wouldnt even go near it , not to mention it is very hard for most people to find.

So as for bathsalts go, the mephedrone based is the way to go and one with a strong healthy body toàn thân should consume no more than 1000mg over a 24 hour period. Watch out for vascular constriction and heart palpitations.

ExampleBath Salt- a drug that adds a kick to life 🙂

bath salts tức là

A chemical that has become a very powerful drug. Also, found in the stomach of most zombies. Ever since the government created it to eradicate the homosexual community, it has caused nothing but truyền thông panic within the Country of the U.S.A. Much is not known of this drug, although it is known that the zombie apocalypse that has left millions dead has been caused from this drug.

Symptoms may include:

Pumpkin Raping.

Eating Penises.

Eating Bills vetoed by the 17th president Andrew Johnson.

On rare occasion, people have been noted to eat faces.

Example”Hey, what would be a great way to eradicate life on earth as we know it?”

Fuck man, i don’t know. Like bath salt?”

“Haha your a dumbass man, no one can get fucked up by that!”

“Challenge excepted.”

bath salts tức là

An adjective describing an individual who displays signs of aggression as well as delusion. Synonyms include mental, batshit crazy, and Rick Santorum, among others.

Example’That dude was totally bath salts.’
‘Dude, have you gone all bath salts on me?’

bath salts tức là

Being under the influence or appearing to be under the influence of the various drugs known as ‘bath salts’. ‘Bath salts’ are made from synthetic cathinones and are mostly banned.

ExampleThis guy randomly came over and tried to bite my face. I think he was all bath salted out.
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