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Characters Show title Character debut date Notes Country Adam The Hollow June 8, 2018 One of the protagonists of the series, Adam, a Hispanic boy, is revealed to be gay in season 2. In episode 2 of that season, “Hollow Games,” he comes out to Kai, another of the show’s protagonists, explaining he is gay and that Mira, a female protagonist is “not his type.”[82][83] Prior to this, in the trailer for Season 2 the LGBT pride flag was seen in his room, and in the first episode of that season, leading some fans to speculate he was gay. In the first season, he also shown no interest in Mira when she kissed him.[84] Canada Alexander Big City Greens June 27, 2018 In Tumblr, series creator Chris Houghton confirmed that Alexander and Terry are a couple,[85] although protagonist Cricket Green does not seem to realize that they are gay throughout the series. Alexander is loud, rather effeminate and bossy, and Terry is silent and an introvert. They both appear to be hanging out with each other in episodes such as “Gridlocked”, “Fill Bill”, “Barry Cuda”, and “Trailer Trouble”. They are shown to be living together in the episode “Spaghetti Theory.” Alexander is voiced by John Early, an openly gay actor. United States Terry Nick Army OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes August 1, 2017 Ian Jones-Quartey confirmed that Nick Army and Joff are a couple on Twitter.[86] They marry in the show’s final episode, “Thank You for Watching the Show”. Joff Sheriff Blubs Gravity Falls June 29, 2012 In the series finale, the two men publicly express their love for each other, confirming their romantic relationship.[88][89]Deputy Durland Sir Cedric The Bravest Knight June 21, 2019 This series tells the story of Cedric, his husband Andrew, and their adopted 10-year-old daughter, Nia, who wants to become a brave knight like Cedric.[90][91] Cedric and Andrew are voiced by openly gay actors T. R. Knight and Wilson Cruz respectively. Prince Andrew Doctor Champ BoJack Horseman October 25, 2019 Doctor Champ mentions he has a husband and daughter in the Season 6 episode “A Horse Walks into a Rehab”.[92]Chozen Chozen January 13, năm trước Chozen is a white, gay, aspiring rap superstar. He is in a relationship with fratboy-type Hunter.[93]Hunter Mr. John Crab Hey Duggee June 24, năm ngoái Mr. John Crab and his mute husband Nigel Crab first appeared in the series 1 episode “The Sandcastle Badge”.[94][95] United Kingdom Nigel Crab Dalton Crespin Bob’s Burgers December 10, 2017 He had a boyfriend whom he broke up with prior to the episode “The Bleakening” who is now dating another one of his ex-boyfriends.[96] United States Curtis The Hollow May 8, 2020 In the first episode of Season 2, the two adopted dads of Mira, in the alternate reality, The Hollow, are introduced.[97][98] Curtis is a Black man, while Paul is a White man. Paul also appear in two other episodes “Race,” “Hollow Games,” while Curtis only appears in “Race.” Canada Paul Dads of Corporate Raider Jim Danger & Eggs July 4, 2017 In the season 1 finale, it is revealed that Corporate Raider Jim, a married business executive who often shouts orders to his assistant in his cell phone,[99] has two dads.[100][102] United States Zip “Frantic” Danger The Awesomes September 5, 2013 Frantic, who is a “crazy fast” reject from a circus show,[103][104] is forcibly outed under truyền thông pressure in “The Awesomes’ Awesome Show”.[105] He later falls for Christopher, a thành viên of villain team The Gay Mafia. Donizete Super Drags November 9, 2018 The series follows the adventures of Donizete, Patrick, and Ralph, three gay friends working in a department store,[106] who are also drag queen superheroes, named Scarlet Carmesim, Lemon Chifon, and Safira Cyan are the Super Drags, and are responsible for protecting the LGBTQ community.[107] Brazil Patrick Ralph Angel Dust Hazbin Hotel October 28, 2019 Angel Dust is a gay adult film star, the first patient at the Happy Hotel, and engages in advances toward Alastor, an asexual demon.[108][109] United States Galaxander Twelve Forever July 29, 2019 In the episode “Locals Forever,” Galaxander shows a photo album to his friend, a fellow inhabitant of Endless Island, and comes across a photo and says, “Oh, that’s my ex. How’d that get in there? Don’t worry, I’m not in touch with him anymore.”[110]The Gayfather The Awesomes October 20, năm ngoái The Gayfather is the leader of villain team The Gay Mafia, including members like Christopher and Steven, and makes his debut in “The Gayfather”.[111][112] Christopher falls for Frantic immediately upon meeting him, and sabotages his team’s efforts as a result. George She-Ra and the Princesses of Power April 26, 2019 It was revealed at Thành Phố New York Comic Con on October 4, 2018,[113] by Aimee Carrero (voice of Princess Adora / She-Ra)[114] that main character Bow has two dads.[115] They first appear in the season two finale, “Reunion”, where it is revealed that they are historians, living in a library in the Whispering Woods. They are initially unaware that Bow has been helping in the Rebellion. They make a brief appearance in episode “Return to the Fright Zone” in the show’s final season. Lance Ray Gillette Archer February 3, 2011 Ray is an openly gay secret agent, and a former Olympic medalist in skiing.[116]Ghost Dad Kent Summer Camp Island July 7, 2018 Ghost the Boy, a ghost and Betsy’s ex-boyfriend, has two dads as his parents.[118] The characters returned in the Betsy and Ghost arc which takes place before “Ghost Boy”. It is also revealed that they are based on Susie’s memories of her dad. Ghost Dad Cole Hollyhock’s fathers BoJack Horseman September 8, 2017 Hollyhock, a female teenage horse and Bojack’s sister, has eight adoptive fathers (Dashawn Manheim, Steve Mannheim, Jose Guerrero, Cupe Robinson III, Otto Zilberschlag, Arturo “Ice Man” Fonzerelli, Gregory Hsung, and Quackers McQuack) in a polyamorous gay relationship.[119]Herb Kazzaz BoJack Horseman August 22, năm trước Herb’s closeted homosexuality was first hinted at by Charlotte’s statement: “I don’t think I’m the person Herb’s looking for,” a mere scene before Herb steals a kiss from BoJack in the episode “The Telescope”. He was later removed from the show after it was revealed that he was indeed gay.[120] Herb could possibly be bisexual, as he once dated Charlotte, although that could have been a cover to throw people off, or he was unsure of his sexuality. Knock Out Transformers: Prime March 11, 2011 Knock Out is a thành viên of the Decepticons and acts as their medic. During BotCon 2011, it was suggested by the writers that Knock Out is gay, though they also argued that Cybertronians likely don’t have designations for sexual orientation the way humans do, and the Decepticons follow a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy.[121] United States You Keika Spiritpact February 23, 2018 You is a fortune-teller and Tanmoku is an exorcist. You dies in an accident but is contacted by Tanmoku; they develop an alliance to fight evil spirits together, and their relationship eventually develops into something deeper.[122] Trung Quốc Tanmoku Ki Wei Ying (Mo Xuanyu) Mo Dao Zu Shi July 9, 2018 Mo Xuanyu is an eccentric young man who faces ostracism from his family due to his homosexuality and the incestuous feelings he nurtures for his half-brother. Wei is the reincarnated spirit of a deceased aristocrat, who is reborn into the body toàn thân of Mo after being summoned by him. He falls in love with Lan Zhan, who knew him since his previous life and loved him since then. This Chinese anime (or donghua) plays down the physical dimension of the men’s relationship due to censorship, but the manhua (Chinese manga) is more daring in this respect. However, the two men are portrayed as living as a couple, and even raising the child together, across truyền thông.[123]Lan Zhan Howard and Harold McBride The Loud House July 20, năm nay Howard and Harold are the adoptive fathers of Clyde McBride, who is the best friend of protagonist Lincoln Loud. Howard and Harold are overprotective of their son and shower Clyde with attention. They are the first pair of married male characters to be depicted on a Nickelodeon series.[124][125] United States Mack Twelve Forever July 29, 2019 Mack and Beefhouse are a couple in the fantasy world of Endless Island.[90] They love each other, being bulky, to talk about their feelings and oolong tea. In Episode 7, “Mack and Beefhouse Forever,” their relationship is tested after The Butt Witch tries to create friction between the two. Beefhouse Matthew MacDell Big Mouth September 29, 2017 Matthew is a flamboyantly gay student with a love of drama and spreading gossip. Aiden is Matthew’s boyfriend introduced in the Valentine’s Day special, “My Furry Valentine”.[127] In one episode, “Smooch or Share”, he kissed Jay Bilzerian, one of the series protagonists, during a trò chơi. Aiden February 8, 2019 Odval Disenchantment August 17, 2018 It is hinted that Odval and Sorcerio are secretly in a relationship in the Castle Party Massacre episode, as they secretly host a magic and sex cult when King Zøg is away. IndieWire reviewer Michael Schneider wrote that Sorcerio and Odval have been “a couple for a long time.”[128]Sorcerio Orka Star Wars Resistance October 7, 2018 Orka and Flix run the Office of Acquisitions on the Colossus, with Orka doing the negotiations.[129] Justin Ridge, an executive producer for the show, said that it is safe to call them a couple, adding “They’re absolutely a gay couple and we’re proud of that” on the Coffee With Kenobi podcast.[130][131]Flix Paul 16 Hudson August 21, 2018 Main character Luc is adopted by Paul and Bayani, making 16 Hudson the first preschool show to feature a main character with two dads.[132] Canada Bayani Ray Terrill “The Ray” Freedom Fighters: The Ray December 8, 2017 Ray, a gay superhero, and John go to a bar where Ray fails to ask a man on a date.[134] As Ray struggles with his recent unemployment and avoids coming out to his conservative parents, the Ray from Earth-X[135] emerges through a breach and hands the cortex off to his Earth-1 counterpart, along with his powers, before succumbing to his injuries. In Episode 3, John and Ray go back to the bar and Ray strikes up a conversation with the man, Jacob, in which later becomes his lover. United States Jacob John Trujillo “Black Condor” Rogelio She-Ra and the Princesses of Power November 13, 2018 They are childhood friends who are part of Adora’s team before she defected to the Rebellion. They later defected from the Horde, with Lonnie, at the end of Season 4. While show writers originally teased at their romantic relationship, with a locker even saying saying “R K” at the bottom, presumably Rogelo’s locker, as shown in the episode “Moment of Truth”, in the episode “Stranded”, Scorpia tells Swift Wind that Kyle has a crush on Rogelio before cutting herself off. Showrunner Noelle Stevenson confirmed their relationship, adding that Lonnie is also part of it, implying a possible polyamorous relationship.[136]Kyle Runaan The Dragon Prince November 22, 2019 In the third season it is revealed that Runaan, the leader of the assassins and father figure to Rayla,[137] is married to a male elf named Ethari.[138]Ethari Sea Hawk She-Ra and the Princesses of Power November 13, 2018 In the episode, “In Perils of Peekablue”, Sea Hawk and Mermista hide behind a bar from some people who Sea Hawk has upset by setting their ships on fire. These include Admiral Scurvy, his crew, other patrons, and Falcon, the latter who Noelle Stevenson confirmed as Seahawk’s ex.[139] Mermista is implied to have an ex she is hiding from as well. Falcon Takashi ‘Shiro’ Shirogane Voltron: Legendary Defender June 10, năm nay Shiro and Adam were romantically involved before the start of the Kerberos mission, as shown in the episode “A Little Adventure” and others. However they broke up. Shiro went into space and several years later Adam dies fighting the Galra. However, the epilogue at the end of eighth and final season, shows Shiro being married to Curtis, a background character introduced in Season 8. The two shared an on-screen kiss in the episode “The End is the Beginning”. Adam W. Curtis Harold Smiley Steven Universe November 18, 2013 Storyboard artist Raven Molisee confirmed that Mr. Smiley is gay[141] because of his longtime relationship with another comedian Mr. Frowney. In the book, Steven Universe: Art & Origins, episode concepts for “Future Boy Zoltron” note that Mr. Smiley and Mr. Frowney are in a relationship.[142]Quentin Frowney Andy Warhol Futurama July 28, 2011 In the episode “All the Presidents’ Heads”, Amy, Dr. Zoidberg, and Professor Farnsworth meet him, a American painter, printmaker, and filmmaker.[143] This results in Warhol drawing a painting of Zoidberg. Wyynde Young Justice July 9, 2019 Wyynde is an Atlantian and in a relationship with Kaldur’ahm, otherwise known as Aquaman.[144] Wynnde and Aquaman share a kiss in the episode “Quiet Conversations”. Gregg Wiseman, a producer of Young Justice, said that Kaldur has been in love with Wynnde and Tula, his childhood friend and crush, while dating Rocket, the last two of which are women.[145]

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