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Thủ Thuật về horsemen là gì – Nghĩa của từ horsemen Chi Tiết

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horsemen tức là

Horsemen Races are when owners/trainers/jockeys conspire together so they all can win money and the fans all lose money. These are usually found in the first three races at any horse racing track in the world.

ExampleDX: Say there TT..who do you like in the first race at Pigplex?

TT: I’m not betting that race..it is a horsemen race. You cant, win, why, even, try,

DX: Well said.

horsemen tức là

A shot found at the bar. It is mixed with:
– One part Jose Cuervo Especial Gold Tequila
– One part Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey
– One part Johnnie Walker Scotch Whiskey
– One part Jim Beam Bourbon Whiskey

Mixed together these four little friends can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Guranteed to get you buzzed, and gives you a good bang for your buck at the bar.

ExampleAt the bar he ordered a four horsemen.

horsemen tức là

the biblical bringers of the appocolypse, and a badass Metallica tuy nhiên. they are as follows:time,famine,pestilence, and finally death. pretty cool huh?

Examplehorsemen are drawing nearer on leather steads they ride they’ve come to take your life. on through the dead of night with the four horsemen ride or choose your fate and die!!!!!!!(bitches)

horsemen tức là

The most feared and elite wrestling group ever. It’s best incarnation was it’s original lineup of “Nature Boy” Ric flair, Ole anderson, “The Enforcer” Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard and were managed by James J. Dillion.
The group got weaker as time went on but, had some notable members in it’s later days such as Barry Windham, Brian Pillman,Chris Benoit and Lex
Luger. The nWo and Dengeneration X would have never existed if it weren’t for The Four Horsemen. The closest thing to The Four horsemen was Evolution in the WWE.

The Four Horseman partied like rock stars, spent a fortune, made a fortune and looked and acted like total pimps. The best thing about the Horsemen were they would all talk a ton of shit then completely back it up by kicking peoples asses and sometimes crippling them. Like they did to Dusty Rhodes on more than one occasion.

ExampleMan no one could be as cool and as bad ass as the Four Horseman. They talked the talk walked the walk kicked everyone ass and got all the women. Diamonds are forever and so are The Four Horsemen!

Man, don’t mess with Ric Flair he’ll get the rest of The Four Horsemen to beat your ass down!

horsemen tức là

Horsemen – term meaning “brotherhood”, “family” and “life” of a group of people. Often referred to a group of individuals who tư vấn a variety of sports, topics, and good times. From Meatheads to Athletic Supporters they ride together and die together. Not to be associated with your “Bad Boys” crew, these fella’s live the highlife in only a couple of hours than some do in their entire life-span. Link Words- “Brothers” and “HorsemenStrong”

ExampleHorsemen for Life.

horsemen tức là

The “Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse” is a term used to describe four horsemen that appear in the New Testament of the Christian Bible in chapter six of the Book of Revelation, which describes an apocalyptic vision. Although scholars disagree as to what exactly each horseman represents, the four horsemen are often referred to as Conquest, War, Famine, and Death. Summoned and empowered by God as part of the opening of the seven seals, the horsemen contribute to the widespread destruction that takes place in Revelation as part of the end of the world.

ExampleFour Horsemen –

Conquest – White Horse; Weilds: crown & bow; Power to: go forth in conquest; to kill with the beasts of the earth.

War – Red Horse; Weilds: sword; Power to: take peace from the earth, and let men kill one another. To kill with the sword.

Famine – Black Horse; Weilds: balance (weighing scale); Power to: bring famine/drought. To kill with hunger.

Death – Pale Green Horse; Weilds: scythe; Power: Followed by Hades, kills with death.

horsemen tức là

According to “Sean Connery” (from SNL’s Celebrity Jeopardy), horsemen = whore semen.

ExampleSee? Whore, like your mother, and semen! It’s right there!

horsemen tức là

Contrary to popular belief, it is not an elite wrestling group nor are they the biblical bringers of the appocolypse. It is a sexual act where you stick four fingers in the anus. The fingers are stuck out as if you were holding up the number four, unlike the arthritic ridden fingers of the wrestling group.

ExampleWatch out, babe. The four horsemen are coming! WOOOO!

horsemen tức là

Four horse riders of the apocalypse known as Death, Famine, Pestalince, and War. also a really kick ass metallica tuy nhiên except the horsemen in the tuy nhiên are: war, death, time, and famine

Examplethe four horsemen will bring the world to its knees and all will perish

horsemen tức là

This particular definition describes a group of Men that are negativity characterized by society as being a “Dangerous Gang”. The Iron Horsemen however are not a gang at all. They are characterized by loyal supporters as being “Real Men” that ride together supporting each other, having benifits for various causes such as “heroin addiction, breast cancer and Toys for Tots. They are a “Brotherhood”. A band of brothers who will without a doubt will have eachothers back when in need. They value their families. Women and children are above all else. The Iron Horsemen are a family. If you ever have a chance to join this group of “real men” I’d go for it. You are really lucky. They will be of great importance once you underatand and appreciate their values the brotherhood and their motto. ” Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, if it weren’t for the Iron Horsemen the highways would rust”! …

Example”Hey if you know any Iron Horsemen, you know they are a real brotherhood“.
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