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Mẹo Hướng dẫn Using work máy tính for interview 2022

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Can you safely job search from work? If youre sitting at your desk, silently hating your current gig, you might be tempted to while away the hours looking at job postings or uploading your resume. Or maybe youre thinking about talking to contacts who could help, or sharing the trials and tribulations of your job search via Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Messenger, or WhatsApp.

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  • Who Is Watching You Work
  • Do’s and Don’ts of Job Searching at Work
  • Use Your Personal E-Mail Account
  • Don’t Use Your Work Computer or Phone
  • Check Your Privacy Settings
  • Watch Your Online Comments
  • Search on Your Own Time
  • Be Discreet
  • Build Your Professional Network
  • Use Your Network
  • If You Get Caught
  • Key Takeaways

If you were to do that, you certainly wouldn’t be the first (or the only) person to do so. Many people job search during the workweek rather than on weekends, and many do it from work.

Given the way companies monitor employees, it’s unwise to use your work computer or email account for job searching.

To be safe, you should avoid using company resources, including work time, to further your job hunt.

You dont want to get fired for looking for a new joband you could be. Its much easier to leave on your own terms than to be forced to so because your employment was terminated. There are also ethical issues with job searching on your boss’s dime (even if you can’t stand them).

Who Is Watching You Work

According to research from The ePolicy Institute, an electronic policy training and consulting firm, at least two-thirds of employers monitor workers email, and half have fired employees as a result. Whats more, theyre in their rights to do so.

“The federal Electronic Communications Privacy Act makes clear that workplace e-mail [is] the property of the employer, and employees should not expect privacy when sending, receiving, downloading, uploading, printing or otherwise transmitting electronic messages,” said Nancy Flynn, founder and executive director of The ePolicy Institute, in an interview with The Society for Human Resource Management.

What you do trực tuyến, at least when you’re doing it from work, is your employer’s business and not much of it is private. Therefore, it’s important to be careful. Here’s what you can do to make sure you don’t get in trouble job searching from work, or (even worse) lose your job before you’re ready to move on.

Do’s and Don’ts of Job Searching at Work

The best way to job search discreetly from work is to do all of your job-hunting activities on your own device. Its also important to manage your time carefully, so you dont get caught.

Use Your Personal E-Mail Account

Do not use your work email address for job searching. Use your personal account and don’t send resumes and cover letters from your work email account or use that email address when you apply trực tuyến. Another option is to set up a không lấy phí email account using Gmail or another email provider, specifically for your job search. It will make it easier to check the correspondence youve sent and to track applications when you have everything in one easy-to-access place.

Don’t Use Your Work Computer or Phone

Don’t use your employer’s computers or phone system. Keep your resume, email correspondence and anything related to your job search in the cloud or on your home computer, tablet, and phone. Use your personal phone for job searching calls and texts. Check for voicemail discreetly during the workday so you don’t miss important calls.

Check Your Privacy Settings

Before you start job searching, check the privacy settings on all your social accounts. Make sure that your posts are viewable by the right audience. There may be some content that might benefit your job search, if its work-related. Other posts might make a prospective employer think twice about hiring you. Check your LinkedIn settings. You probably dont want your employer to see how busy you are updating your LinkedIn profile, so adjust your activity broadcasts accordingly.

Watch Your Online Comments

If you have a blog, be careful what you say on it. People have been fired for making comments about their employer. The same goes for what you write on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites. On the flip side, social truyền thông can give you terrific exposure. Post news and information about your industry and career field (where relevant), especially on LinkedIn. It will help you to be noticed by employers.

Search on Your Own Time

Use your lunch hour or your break for job-hunting activities. On your lunch hour, visit a bookstore, coffee shop or library with internet access, and use your phone, tablet, or máy tính. This is also a good time to return phone calls from prospective employers, especially if you can take an early or late lunch to catch them in the office.

Be Discreet

Be careful who you tell that you’re looking for a new job. If you inform co-workers, you can be sure that it will get back to your boss, one way or another. Do tell your family so they can take messages for you (if youre using a landline) and so they don’t inadvertently call work to say someone is calling about an interview. When youre talking to networking connections, ask them if they would treat your job search confidentially. Advise them that your current employer isnt aware of your job search and youd like to keep it that way.

Build Your Professional Network

Each of us should have a network of colleagues and contacts to use for building our career, whether we are currently job searching or not. If youre like most people, your LinkedIn network includes contacts from previous employers, your current employer, vendors, customers, and colleagues. Staying in touch with those contacts and keeping abreast of what’s happening in your field can help your employer as well as yourself. Yes, you’re positioning yourself for the future, but you’re also using a tool that can help you to learn about new products and make connections that could help your company succeed.

Use Your Network

You can kill two birds with one stone: building your network on professional networking sites like LinkedIn can help you and your employer. For example, a web developer used his LinkedIn network to find someone to help with usability testing for his company’s new website. During the process he also made a new contact who could help with his future job search.

If You Get Caught

If despite your best efforts, your boss catches you job searching, here’s advice on what to do next, and how to limit the damage. You may be able to get yourself out of a difficult situation, at least for the time being.

Key Takeaways

  • If you’re searching at work, Big Brother is probably watching. According to research, at least two-thirds of employers monitor email at work.
  • Dont use employer resources for your job hunt. These include your corporate email account, network, computers, etc.
  • Be discreet on social truyền thông and your personal blog. If your job search is secret, dont talk about it trực tuyến.
  • Use your network, but be cautious. Keep your contacts in the loop, so they dont accidentally reveal that youre looking for a new job.

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